In times of crisis, it may be hard for marketers to know where to begin. In just a few short weeks, people have shifted into protection mode, focused on themselves, their families, their employees, their customers, and their communities. Social media reflects this, with pleas for fellow citizens to follow government safety guidelines. People have crossed partisan lines to build bridges within their neighborhoods and communities and unify against an invisible force.

The Digital Transformation: While coronavirus lockdown might look as a worry to many, it can also accelerate digital transformation for businesses around the world.

Video & Zoom Calls

Transactions, university lectures, job interviews, and all business activities have already moved online via video conferencing/Zoom calls. Managing customer relations through video-conferencing and maintaining the personal touch will earn relationship points.

A Communication Chain

While following efficient work from home policy, it is important to develop a robust communication chain in your organization to avoid loopholes to ensure an integrated response both internally and externally.

Keep Connected with Your Customers on Social Media

People use their social media accounts more than ever during hard times. This is particularly the case if they are scared or uncertain about what is going on around them. If you live somewhere in lockdown, then social media will be one of the most significant forms of communication.

Internet usage has increased dramatically over the last month. While part of this is people turning to Netflix and the other streaming networks when locked-down, much it is for communication purposes. And social media is now a preferred form of communication for most people.

Sure, people may not be thinking about being close to their hairdresser or taking their car in for a service. They may not be allowed to order a takeaway or go to a bar. But they will still be interested in you. They will take particular notice of useful, engaging content you may share, and are likely to remember your name, even if they have never used your services previously.

Stay Connected to Loyal Customers

Another essential thing you need to do when trying to make it through the current coronavirus crisis is to stay in contact with your loyal customers. Rather than trying in vain to reach customers on the phone, you need to think about sending out emails. Most consumers prefer communicating via email with the companies they use. These emails can be used to tell consumers how your business is dealing with this crisis or as a way to promote the products/services you offer.

If Forced into Lockdown Plan Your Future Marketing

If you are in lockdown, you probably have more time on your hands than you are used to. Just because you may feel stuck at home, doesn't mean that you can't plan for things once the Coronavirus crisis comes to an end.

Many marketers complain that they are always busy and haven't got the time to do such things as analyze their website performance and check on their SEO. Well, if you are in lockdown, you have plenty of time now.

Now is an ideal time to plan your future marketing and how you will get yourself back up and operational gain. Depending on your situation, you may have to plan your marketing rebirth on a shoestring budget, but digital marketing doesn’t have to be overly expensive. This is one of the reasons that you still need to keep your website up-to-date and keep on updating your social pages. If they still exist, you won't have to spend time rebuilding them from scratch when the world comes back to life again.